Pre-ICO extension notice

For Gron Digital to be a successful and viable Platform we need the support of the Gambling and Betting Industry.

Several investors from the Gambling Sector have been allocated an amount of 9,000,000 GRO at the Pre-ICO price. Considering the nature of our business, these investors need to follow a regulatory process, which unfortunately is taking more time than anticipated.

We feel that it is in the best interests of the project to grant the extension required to complete the Pre-ICO transaction with our investors and welcome our key partners on board.

After careful consideration our team, together with our legal and business advisors, have decided to extend the beginning of the first round of ICO to the 27th of February 2018.

The community can still contribute and purchase the remainder allocated tokens at the Pre-ICO price.

The results as of 17:00 UTC 5 February 2018

17,000,000 GRO allocated for Pre-ICO sale with 40% Bonus
9,000,000 GRO is allocated to Industry Investors
3,100,000 GRO is sold to contributors
4,900,000 GRO is still available with 40% Bonus

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