ICO at Gron Digital

With the increasing value of an online gambling market in mind, ICO investment turns into some of the most sought-after opportunities across the globe today. Owing to its openness and transparency, it is deeply appreciated by business minds, online service providers, and players. While the Blockchain potential for the gambling world continues to unfold by leaps and bounds, such a benefit cannot be overlooked. Gron Digital provides you with a unique chance to get the most out of your investments.

Highlights of Our Initial Coin Offering

The Gron Digital’s token issuance starts with the pre-ICO on January 9, 2018. It is planned to be an avenue for the sale of 950 million utility tokens. To participate in a round, you are allowed to use such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Keep in mind that 40% of the issued GROs are reserved for promoters and founders as well as for incentive packages that will cover jackpots and other lottery winnings.

Take a look at how the proceeds from our ICO crowdfunding are going to be allocated:

How Does It Work?

Investing in a decentralized platform opens the door to the future of gambling and betting industry. The Gron Digital ecosystem has been designed in such a way that the GRO will be a legal tender. Regardless of your location, you will be able to use the whole scope of services as long as you have these utility tokens at hand. All transactions will be carried out in GROs, meaning that won’t be affected by inflation.

Some of the advantages that GRO offers to service providers, players, and developers:

GRO Bonus Incentive

While participating in any of the ICO crowdfunding rounds, you can take advantage of the bonus incentive. The sooner you begin to invest, the more generous bonus you are to receive. You are allowed to use Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy ICO tokens. Almost all stages of their issuance allow you to enjoy extra benefits.

Bear in mind that the amount of bonuses varies from round to round:

Each stage of token issuance will be open for 14 days or until the maximum amount of GROs is bought out. Get involved today and be rewarded tomorrow!

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